Division of Business & Finance

Welcome to the website of the Division of Business & Finance. Our primary function is to provide support to SUNY and the College at Old Westbury in their efforts to provide education of the highest quality and broadest possible access to students. We do this by providing valuable information and assistance to our customers: students, faculty, staff, vendors, partners and campus visitors. 

We provide a vast array services to our customers. Student-specific services include: financial aid, work study, billing and payment, book vouchers, meal plans and financial oversight services to the Student Government Association. To the College staff and faculty we provide: accounting, budgetary, payroll, purchasing, parking decals, internal control reviews, contract preparation and review, and other business and financial services.  In addition, we pay the bills, write administrative policies, schedule events and rent the College facilities, provide support to faculty in obtaining and managing research grants, and arrange auxiliary services programs and activities for the campus community. 

Other integral services provided to the College include capital planning and information technology (IT). We oversee the planning and approval for construction of new facilities, the rehabilitation and repair of existing ones and manage the College’s space planning efforts.  Our IT services focus on continuous improvement through technology and providing quality services to faculty, students and staff in support of the teaching, learning, research and operational goals of the College.

We may not be the public face of the College (that’s the faculty and administration) but we are one of the major engines that keep it running. Led by the Division’s Sr. Vice President and CFO, the Division is organized into four sub-divisions, Business Affairs, Business Compliance, Capital Planning and Information Technology Services. 

Ultimately, service without a good understanding of customers' needs and desires is neither good nor quality service. We understand our role – we strive to provide our customers what they need to make their interactions with the College at Old Westbury as effective and enjoyable as possible. We may not completely satisfy each customer in every interaction but we will continue to work toward improving our service delivery and products. Our main offices are located in Campus Center on the third floor of the H- Wing. 

Stop in at any time and let us know what we can do to better serve you. Don't be surprised if you find a friendly face or two there willing to assist you. If you can't make a personal visit, please take a little time to browse through this website. Hopefully, as we continue to develop and update these pages, you will find a variety of interesting information about our services and operations.

Thank you!

Len L. Davis
Sr. Vice President & Chief Financial Officer