Management, Marketing & Finance

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Whether you are interested in joining the corporate ranks or beginning your own enterprise, you'll need the skills and knowledge to manage an array of people and tasks no matter the organizational setting into which you enter.

The Management, Marketing and Finance Department is committed to providing a high quality business education to its students through its curriculum, teaching, academic support services, and placement and internship programs. The curriculum of each major is divided into two parts: a common core of business courses and courses in specialized areas of their disciplines.

Bachelor of Science in Business Administration

The Business Administration degree focuses on the delivery of management knowledge and the practice of effective skills. Two areas of specialization are provided to accomplish the overall objective: Management and General Business. The purpose of the Management specialization is to present detailed and current information on the field while encouraging students to acquire the necessary knowledge and skills to function effectively in a variety of managerial activities. The General Business specialization’s purpose is to provide students with a foundation in the functional areas of business and with the necessary theories and interpersonal skills to assume positions in a variety of industries, organizational types and/or functional areas.

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Bachelor of Science  in Finance

The Finance degree provides students with the mastery of skills needed to facilitate, organize, analyze, and evaluate financial transactions in domestic as well as global financial markets. The core courses convey the cognitive and analytic competencies that underlie the discipline of finance. The specialized courses emphasize and reinforce the conceptual and quantitative underpinnings of financial transactions. Students are prepared for gainful employment in financial institutions including: investment banks, finance companies, and financial intermediaries such as commercial banks, savings banks, and insurance companies. Students are also prepared for employment in: brokerage firms, investment advisory services, finance departments of non-financial corporations, nonprofit institutions, and governmental agencies.

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Bachelor of Science in Marketing

The Marketing degree offers a path to exciting careers in our ever expanding marketplace with attention to ethically positioning goods and services for domestic and international markets.  It explores marketing as a sustainable means of conceiving, pricing, distributing, acquiring and consuming goods and services in an increasingly competitive global economy.  The emphasis is on managing and improving customer relationships by focusing on customer needs and developing products that satisfy these needs and provide superior value.  The learning trajectory covers product development, branding and advertising, marketing research, logistics, and sales promotion using traditional and new media in campaigns coordinated around integrated marketing communications (IMC).  Students are prepared for marketing careers and for graduate MBAs as they continue their education with the holistic foundation.

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