Readmission to SUNY Old Westbury

We get it. Sometimes circumstances prevent you from continuing your studies from semester to semester. Now, you're ready to complete your degree. Congratulations!  SUNY Old Westbury has an easy readmission process for both undergraduate and graduate students. If you have withdrawn from SUNY Old Westbury, been dismissed due to academic performance or failed to return after a leave of absence, you may be eligible to apply for readmission.  Students who have previously attended Old Westbury and wish to return after an absence of two or more semesters must file an Application for Readmission ideally at least one month prior to the beginning of the return semester.  Welcome back! 

To be eligible to apply for readmission, you must meet the following criteria:

  1. Absent for two semesters or more, and less than 5 years.
  2. Previously enrolled in a degree program and did not graduate.
  3. If you enrolled at another institution after leaving Old Westbury, you must provide an official transcript(s) to the Office of Enrollment Services prior to applying for readmission.

 Sounds like you? If so, APPLY HERE for readmission! 

If you last attended 5 or more years ago, read on for more information: 
  • Former students in good academic standing who have been absent for 5 years or more are encouraged to apply again using the SUNY Application. The new application will be matched to the previous student record. Previously submitted transcripts will not have to be re-sent. 

  • Former students with a CUM GPA below a 2.0 who have been absent for 5 years or more and did not attend any other institutions after leaving Old Westbury may petition for Academic Clemency. Please contact the Office of Enrollment Services if you would like to find out more about Academic Clemency at  


  • Readmitted students who have been away from SUNY Old Westbury for five years or less may be subject to the catalog requirements that were in effect when initially admitted
  • Readmitted students absent for more than five years will be subject to all requirements in the catalog that is in effect at the time of readmission given the program still in effect.
  • Readmitted students with outstanding financial obligations will not be permitted to register unless all obligations have been satisfied.

Students who may have enrolled at another institution after leaving Old Westbury must provide an official transcript(s) to Enrollment Services prior completing the application.

SUNY Old Westbury does not ask or consider a response to the criminal history question in the admissions decision process. However, please be aware that if you seek access to student housing, study abroad or internship opportunities, or professional licensure, you will be asked to provide this information.  Also be aware that a prior felony conviction may impede your ability to complete your chosen degree program or receive professional licensure in your chosen field.