Study Abroad

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Studying abroad can open doors to your future.

Through more than 10 programs around the world, we offer semester, full academic year, and short-term study abroad programs, enabling Old Westbury students of any major to study abroad and graduate according to their planned schedule.

SUNY Old Westbury has study abroad or exchange programs with various universities throughout the world. Countries include:

  • Spain:  The University of Santiago de Compostela in northern Spain allows students to immerse themselves into the culture, the art and the language of Spain while earning credit. Guided tours to the city’s cultural sites and outings to cinemas and museums are among some of benefits of studying at the university.  Students can study for a semester, an academic year or for a three week program during the summer. 
  • Russia:  Located just 25 minutes from Moscow’s city center, the State University of Management offers students the opportunity to explore some of the country capital’s most beautiful sites.   Fields of study include management, investment management, marketing, human resource management, state and municipal management, economics and production management.   Courses are offered in English and in Russian.  Offered during the spring and fall.
  • China:  Old Westbury students have the option of studying at one of five universities within China: Beijing Jiatong University, Jinan University, Minzu University of China Shandong University of Finance and Wuyi University.  The structure of the four programs vary from total immersion in the host university’s community to course instruction led by one of SUNY Old Westbury faculty members with expertise in a given subject area.  Participants will be housed within the international student resident halls on each campus.   Offered during the spring, summer and fall.
  • Cuba:  Led by an Old Westbury faculty member, this intensive course introduces students to the City of Havana through films and fieldtrip, lectures and discussion by Cuban directors, architects and scholars.  All lectures will be taught in English and most of the course will be taught in Cuba.  
  • Barbados:  Study and explore the beautiful and rich history of island during the annual harvest Crop Over Festival.  Classes will be held for one week at Old Westbury and at partnering university in Barbados for three weeks.  Participants will visit key historical sites while learning about the connection between Barbados and South Carolina. 
  • France:  Old Westbury, in collaboration with the Knowledge Exchange Institute (KEI), offers students the opportunity to study courses in business, law and diplomacy and in French and the humanities in the cultural heart of France.  Courses are offered in the fall, spring, academic year and two separate summer sessions
  • England:  Located in London, students can concentrate in one of over a dozen programs offered through London South Bank University.  Internships (for-credit) and community service (not-for-credit) allow students gain practical experience to be competitive in an increasingly global market.  Students can opt to study in the fall, spring, summer or for an academic year.
  • Austria:  The University of Applied Sciences in Upper Austria gives students the opportunity to study management, media and communications and applied health and social sciences at one of their four beautiful campuses.  German language is offered to complement and to enhance the student’s academic and cultural experience.   Students can study for a semester or for an academic year.  
  • South Korea:  Gangneung-Wonju National University is one of South Korea’s well-known research universities.  Located near the Sea of Japan, the University has a rich international student population and specializes in courses such as information technology, tourism and marine resources.  Students can study each semester.  
  • Taiwan: The National University of Science and Technology offers courses at the graduate level.  Courses are offered each semester.

Program structures vary from total immersion in a foreign university, to course instruction by foreign faculty, to courses taught by the SUNY faculty with expertise in a given subject area, to a combination of these structures.

SUNY College at Old Westbury students may also apply for admission to more than 400 overseas study programs in 50 different countries that are offers by other SUNY campuses. 

Various types of financial aid, for which a SUNY College at Old Westbury student is eligible, may be applied to the cost of foreign study.  Program deadlines vary, but six months' lead time is usually required to investigate and apply for foreign study programs.

Note:  Students must consult with their academic advisor before undertaking overseas study.


Office of International Enrollment Services
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Phone:  516-876-3001