Travel Documents & Identification


U.S. citizens need a valid passport to travel abroad. You should apply for a passport well in advance to avoid any conflict that may delay your departure. Make sure that your passport has been renewed six (6) months prior to departure. New passports cost approximately $135.00; renewals cost $110.00. Expedited service is also available for an extra cost. Passport applications can be obtained at your local United States Post Office. Applications can also be downloaded from the State Department’s Website at

Return the application to the United States Post Office once it is completed. In addition to the application, you will need to provide proof of citizenship (e.g. a certified copy of your birth certificate or an expired passport), proof of identity (e.g. valid driver’s license) and two (2) passport-ready photos taken within six month of submitting the application.

* If you do not have an original birth certificate, it would be in your best interest to obtain one. You do not want to delay the process.


A visa is a stamp or attachment in your passport that allows you to enter a specific country at a certain time. It may be necessary to obtain a visa to study abroad depending on the country and the proposed length of time. OIES will assist you in obtaining a visa application for the majority of countries. You can also find out visa requirements by visiting This website has a list of all foreign embassies in the United States.

You have the option of applying for a multiple entry visa or a single entry visa. A multiple entry visa allows you to leave and reenter a particular county as many times as you wish during your stay. A single entry visa allows you to enter a country during a certain period of time.

There is always a fee attached to the visa application, and the process can take several weeks. The cost of the program does not include the visa fee. Please do not wait to the last minute to obtain a visa. You will not be able to enter the hosting country if one is required and you do not have it.

Identification Card

A valid Campus I.D. card is the official SUNY Old Westbury identification for all students, faculty, staff and other employees. It must be carried at all times when you are participating in an Old Westbury sponsored program. It is nontransferable and must be presented upon request.

Most hosting universities issue temporary ID cards to study abroad students. It is important that you purchase a passport photo to give to the campus you visiting.