School of Arts and Sciences


In a fast-changing global society, the adaptability linked to the liberal arts has never been more relevant or more in demand in the workplace.

The School of Arts and Sciences offers our version of what has been called for over 2,000 years a “liberal education,” meaning a broad education undertaken for informed citizenship. Through this process, you will gain skills, knowledge and understanding that can fuel personal growth, professional success, and a bright future. Every major in the School of Arts and Sciences promotes:

  • Critical thinking
  • Powers of analysis, judgment, and self-expression
  • Empathy and ethical awareness
  • Tolerance for ambiguity and complexity 

Arts and Sciences degrees uphold the values of life-long learning, global citizenship, and social justice essential to the Old Westbury experience, and increasingly important whether you are preparing for the career of your choice or planning to pursue graduate or professional studies.

Green and gold president's medal on gold chain

Student Highlight

Yara Abdelsalam '21 earns highest student honor at SUNY Old Westbury

Professors Smith, Chipley and Bosawpatna at NY Harbor

Faculty Highlight

A Virtual Dive into New York Harbor to be made possible through new faculty project


Amanda Frisken

Acting Dean, School of Arts & Sciences
Professor, American Studies
School of Arts and Sciences
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