Liberal Arts, B.A.

Degree Type
Bachelor of Arts

The Bachelor of Arts in Liberal Arts requires a total of 120 credits, at least 90 of which must be in the Liberal Arts, 40 taken at Old Westbury, and 45 at the upper-division level. These are divided into three sets of courses:

  1. General Education and Campus Requirements: Students must fulfill SUNY’s General Education Requirement (Minimum 30 credits) as well as all SUNY Old Westbury Requirements.
  2. The Major (48 credits with at least 24 credits at the upper level):
    1. One foundation course from each of two disciplines. The courses are intended to introduce the characteristic approaches and/or content in the two principal disciplines; the course will be selected with the guidance from each of the two main advisors.
    2. An Integrative course (normally an Independent Study). The study states in detail the purpose of the research; frames questions or issues across disciplines that need some resolution (most concretely in the capstone course); and proposes the relevant methodology or approach.
    3. One capstone course, an Independent Study that serves as a reflection piece and research report on the program of study. It will synthesize the disciplinary strands of the research project and, ideally, the student will provide a critical analysis of the research process. The substantial paper may very well point the way to further investigation anticipated in a graduate program or professional position.
    4. Elective credits within the major totaling 32 to be developed with the two advisors. The suggestion is for a minimum of 12 credits in each of the two main departments (including the courses described above). The electives must contribute to a coherent program of study and may of course include courses from more than the two main departments.
  3. University Electives: Students will take additional courses to bring their total credits to 120.

Further information and applications for the degree are available in the office of the Dean of the School of Arts and Sciences or the Academic Advising Center.