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CSLI develops authentic engagement and leadership experiences that foster intrapersonal student development and greater sense of connectedness to the campus.

The Center for Student Leadership & Involvement is continuing to deliver programs in both an in-person & virtual environment.  

Virtual Appointments are available through phone, email, or by video chat via Microsoft Teams.

Find us on MS Teams: Old Westbury: Center for Student Leadership and Involvement

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Student Government

The Student Government Association is a student run organization that unites and inspires students to succeed in life. We provide an atmosphere where we advocate, educate, and serve all students at SUNY Old Westbury. SGA inspires future student leaders to create organizations for the student body, discover unfound talents and cultivate creative thinking for the betterment of the Old Westbury community. Through student involvement, SGA dedicates its operation to the enhancement of the college experience. The SGA has the power to do anything lawful, everything reasonable, necessary, proper, suitable and convenient to protect the welfare of the student body.

The leadership of the SGA is elected annually through a campus-wide student vote. Students are elected in accordance with SGA bylaws to serve in the positions of:

  • SGA President/ Chief Executive Officer
  • Executive Vice President
  • Chief Financial Officer 
  • Director Of Clubs & Organizations
  • Director Of Programming
  • Director Of Communications
  • Executive Secretary/Statistician
  • 5 Campus Life Senators
  • 5 Academic Senators

Following Campus Activities Board positions are appointed by the SGA President:

  • Late Night Programming Chair
  • Weekend Programming Chair
  • Sport & Recreation Chair
Contacting the SGA

The SGA Office is located on the third floor of the Student Union and can be reached at (516) 876-6975. Additionally, information on forming a club, association by-laws, and more can be found the on the SGA website. Also, check out their recent happenings on Instagram!

Clubs & organizations

There are a variety of clubs for students to join, academic, cultural, religious, performing arts, special interests, hobbies. To see the all the clubs and organizations SGA has to offer, access Panther Connect to see the list and upcoming events. If you have an club/interest that is not listed, please email to learn more about starting a club. To become a member of a club, email the club directly through Panther Connect or contact any of the CSLI staff mentioned on main page to help connect you with the club leader.

What Can You Do in Panther Connect?
  • Join a club
  • Learn more about student organizations
  • Register for upcoming events and programs
  • Check in at events
  • Get contact information for offices that organize events
How to Join an Organization Through Panther Connect
  • Visit Panther Connect (requires OW Portal name and password)
  • Search organizations or groups you want to be a member of, and click the Join Organization button
commuter outreach

Students who commute to SUNY Old Westbury get focused support through CSLI's programming, leadership opportunities, peer mentoring, and more. 

Information for Commuter Students

diversity & inclusion programs

Within the Center for Student Leadership & Involvement, one of our objectives is to ensure that we carry out the mission of SUNY Old Westbury by providing the campus community opportunities to explore and promote diversity through student programming and engagement. Through this we provide various entries of engagement through our Diversity and Inclusion Initiatives. 

Cultural and Heritage Month Programs  

We invite students to experience the richness and importance of culture, through a variety of celebrations from many different cultures and heritage. Learn more about our cultural programming.  

LGBTQIA Programs 

We strive to provide an environment that promotes academic and personal growth and development of LGBTQ and Ally community members on our campus, to assure unrestricted access to all aspects of the college, and to serve as a vehicle for the creation of a campus environment free from prejudice, bigotry, harassment, and violence and hospitable for all members. Learn more about our LGBTQIA programming

Building Bridges Newsletter 

Building Bridges is a new monthly newsletter piloted by the Center for Student Leadership and Involvement to connect the community to different events that focus on diversity, equity, and inclusion. The newsletter also highlights research and/or initiatives that different members of the community are participating in, as well as stories from different members of the OW community. You can find the latest newsletter below:

fraternity & Sorority life

Fraternity & Sorority Life on campus offers a variety of ways to meet new people, become active on campus, and serve the campus and greater community. Fraternities and Sororities were founded on the basis of leadership, scholarship, service, and friendship. Our community provides a great balance of social networking, community service, and personal development possibilities.

At Old Westbury, we offer a diverse mix of fraternities and sororities with the hopes that everyone who wants to join finds one that closely matches his or her values and personality. While our organizations support different philanthropies and causes, and have different histories and traditions, all of our them exist to make men better men and women better women through fostering the ideals of unity, respect, scholarship, service and leadership.

The Order of Omega Honor Society

See photos from our Greek Life Awards


After much thought and assessment of our current Fraternity & Sorority Community, the Center for Student Leadership & Involvement is open to conversations regarding expansion.  

Unrecognized Groups

We would like to advise all students, parents and guardians that there are groups NOT recognized by the College. You should not affiliate with any unrecognized Fraternities, Sororities, or other student organizations. SUNY Old Westbury does not advise or control the actions of any unrecognized groups. Unrecognized organizations are not permitted to recruit, hold events, or induct new members. Some of the unrecognized groups are listed below.

Organization Nickname
Omega Phi Beta Sorority, Inc. Betas
Tau Kappa Epsilon Fraternity TKE, teke
Phi Iota Alpha Fraternity, Inc. Phiota, Phi-A
Gamma Sigma Zeta Fraternity GSZ
Sigma Delta Phi Epsilon, Inc. SDPhiE
leadership development iniatives
What is LEAD?

Through hybrid workshops, online courses, and presentations the LEAD Program is designed to assist emerging and returning student leaders by enhancing their leadership skills. The goal of the program is for students to feel empowered to lead within their personal and professional communities. 

Watch your campus email for details on how to enroll when classes begin this Fall!

LGBTQ+ Programs

The Center for Student Leadership and Involvement strives to be a welcoming and inclusive community for all members of the LGBTQIA+ community and seeks to celebrate and affirm all intersecting identities within the community. 

Each academic year we host a number of annual and signature programs, which include the following:

  • National Coming Out Day
  • Spirit Day
  • International Pronoun Day
  • Transgender Day of Remembrance
  • Rep You Flag Day
  • Lavender Graduation
  • Pride Block Party

more information on lgbtqia+ programs and resources

Learn about the Lavender Graduation

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Panther Connect

Panther Connect is the online home of clubs and activities at SUNY Old Westbury. Visit here to see what clubs and organizations are active on campus, to learn about upcoming events, and to join -- or create -- the organization that suits you.