Cultural and History Month Programs

Heritage & History Month Programming 

Each month we celebrate and highlight different history/heritage months which include the following: 
  • September/October: Hispanic Heritage Month
  • October: LGBT History Month
  • November: Native American Heritage Month
  • February: Black History Month
  • March: Women’s History Month
  • April: Celebrate Diversity Month
  • May: National Asian American and Pacific Islander Month
  • June: Juneteenth and Pride Month  
For each of these months, we host two programs for the college community, Culture Café,  Alumni & Faculty Speaker Series,  Can We Talk? and a corresponding social media campaign. 
Culture Café: 
An interactive program, in partnership with Chartwells and Thompson Hospitality, where we serve different dishes from a specific culture. Provide identification signs and handouts that share the recipe and other information such as stories of its cultural significance. Additionally, we play music of the culture to fully immerse individuals in the culture for that specific month. (Please Note: This program is not done for LGBT History Month & Women’s History Month)  
Alumni & Faculty Speaker Series 
A monthly speaker series highlighting an Old Westbury Alumni and/or Faculty member who currently does work/research revolving around an aspect of diversity, equity and/or inclusion. These talks strive to offer students a space to learn, and reflect on a societal issue and the legacy that they wish to leave on-campus and beyond. 
Can We Talk?
A monthly "honest conversations roundtable" to discuss critical issues facing the community. Participants can listen to learn about different perspectives and offer their own perspectives. These discussions are facilitated by content experts of the specific group we are discussing about (i.e. faculty and staff) or our DEI Interns. 


Upcoming Programs: 

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