Office of Academic Affairs

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The goal of the Office of Academic Affairs is to obtain the most current, thought-provoking and illuminating information available today and to work with colleagues across campus to teach it to SUNY Old Westbury students so they can discover their own leadership abilities and move forward as successful, contributing members of society.

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Supporting the Research Enterprise

The research and scholarly efforts of faculty are critical to the growth and development of the University's curriculum and to ensuring the experience of our students is  as relevant and informed as possible. 


Assessing the Effectiveness of our Campus

Evaluating, measuring, and documenting the performance of the University's academic programs and administrative services is key to ensuring the continuous improvement of our efforts to ensure the success of our students.

Our Schools


Arts & Sciences

Whether the sciences, humanities, social sciences, art, or communications, the School of Arts & Sciences provides a diverse selection of programs to pursue your passion. In classrooms, laboratories, studios and more, you'll gain insights into the world around you and the impact you have can have on it. 



Leaders must be able to apply both their expertise and their values to solve challenges in today's global business environment. The undergraduate and graduate business programs of the School of Business are geared to promote that growth in you personally and professionally. 



Teachers today must be prepared to succeed in increasingly diverse classroom settings. The School of Education empowers its teachers-to-be to use their training to build equitable and inclusive learning communities in and outside of the classroom. 

School of Professional Studies Director Ed Bever in conversation with a student

Professional Studies

The School of Professional Studies’ undergraduate degree programs are designed especially to meet the needs of those who are interested in completing a degree previously started or charting a new course in their studies to achieve a different career trajectory.