Commuter Outreach

Commuter Assistants 2019-2020

Because off-campus and commuter students are an important part of our campus community, receiving targeted services, programs, and outreach is key to help you adjust to both on- and off-campus life.  

Commuter Outreach is a part of the Center for Student Leadership & Involvement, within the Division of Student Affairs, Commuter Outreach works to provide support and engagement to the commuter student population.

commuter programs
Below are examples of the program we offer.  To see what is scheduled for you today, tomorrow, next week and next month, use Panther Connect.

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Commuter Appreciation Week

Each semester Commuter Outreach celebrates our commuter students by hosting a week events just for them. Each day and program has a different theme. However all usually have a mix of food, prizes, and games. Commuter Outreach also aims to help commuting students feel connected to the campus so we work with different departments across campus to help keep you up to date and in the know. 

Commuter Monthly Programs

Each month Commuter Outreach hosts additional programs for commuting students. These programs are usually located in the campus center during common hour and have included a campus partner or two, sometimes a game or activity, and as always food. We also like to partner with other departments in their events such as the snOW Social. Commuter Outreach aims to meet commuters where they are. If you have an idea for a program, email Andrew at cranea@oldwestbury

Virtual Programs

With the move to remote learning in the spring, Commuter Outreach continued to meet commuters where they are, online! We set up a host of weekly programs put on bY Andrew and the CAs from Netflix Parties to CA Weekly Chats to Funny Fridays. We are always trying to think of new ways to stay connected. Keep an eye out for more virtual events this fall on our Facebook and Instagram pages. Also, don't forget to check out the Staying Connected page and the Programming Calendar page to track all upcoming events.

Commuter Assistants

Commuter Assistants are student leaders who are trained to encourage and support commuting students. They are commuters, just like you and they are here to answers your questions and help you learn more about all aspects of student life at SUNY Old Westbury. Commuter Assistants are selected each spring. If you are currently a commuter student and interested in applying to be a commuter assistant, please email Andrew Crane at for more information.


Andrew Crane

Assistant Director, Center for Student Leadership and Involvement
Center for Student Leadership and Involvement
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