Visual Arts


The aim of the department is to develop students’ awareness of creative processes as well as their understanding of the relationships between art and society.

The Visual Arts program at SUNY Old Westbury focuses on a problem and project oriented course of study. Skills are developed as students need them; thus students feel free to use and even invent media related to expressive needs. Students do not have to postpone creation until they have mastered a whole set of techniques. Students are urged to blend technical education with creative projects.

The program of study for majors includes the study of art history and an introduction to the practical problems associated with the pursuit of careers in art. Faculty emphasize the appropriate selection of elective courses in non-art areas. Specific courses in economics, anthropology, sociology, basic sciences, psychology and business are recommended.

Undergraduate OFferings
Student artists meet with guests and take photos in the Wallace Gallery

On Display

Students set to complete their studies from the University's varied Visual Arts programs were the focus of the Fall '22 B.A., B.S, B.F.A. Exhibition


Career Opportunities

Professionally, Visual Arts graduates have chosen either to continue their education by pursuing a Master of Arts degree, or to enter directly into the work world.  A sampling of careers that graduates have entered include: advertising, graphic and corporate design, interior design, typography, photography, gallery management, art therapy, publishing, television and teaching..


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Amelie A. Wallace Gallery

The Amelie A. Wallace Gallery exhibits paintings, sculpture, photographs, and mixed media by professional artists (including faculty) and students of the Visual Arts Department. Lectures and discussions with the exhibiting artists are scheduled in conjunction with the opening of shows in the Gallery.