Media Design Minor

Degree Type





    20 credits, distributed as follows:


    A. Theory Courses: two courses (8 credits) 

    • AS3632 History of U.S. Film 

    • AS3712 American Film Genres 

    • AS3722 History of Mass Media 

    • AS3732 Politics of Media 

    • AS3735 Documentary Media Studies 

    • AS3742 Myths and Images in Film 

    • AS3745 Feminine & Masculine in Film 

    • AS4722 Film: Ideas and Aesthetics 

    • AS4725 The Photograph and American Culture 

    • AS5420 Propaganda and Mass Persuasion 

    • AS5712 Mass Media and Popular Culture 


    B. Hands-on Courses: three courses (12 credits) 

    • AS3247 Video Production
    • AS4260 New Media Newsroom
    • AS4825 Making a Newspaper/Magazine
    • AS4852 Documentary Production
    • AS4965 Video in Action
    • AS9990 Independent Study
    • VA2320 Graphic Design I
    • VA2400 Introduction to Photography I
    • VA3400 Digital Imaging
    • VA4320 Graphic Design II
    • VA4260 Interactive Web Design
    • VA4265 3D Digital Design
    • VA9990 Independent Study