Visual Arts Minor

Degree Type

The Visual Arts minor consists of a core of three required courses (12 credits) and three elective options: art history; fine art; or electronic media for a total of 20 credits.

The minor is intended to serve two different groups of students. Students pursuing a liberal arts major would take the minor to explore non-linear modes of creative thinking and to become familiar with the ways in which art intersects with history, philosophy, psychology, literature and politics. Students majoring in professional programs such as teacher education, marketing, journalism and computer science can use the visual arts minor to develop some supplementary practical skills that will prove useful in their chosen career.



    A. Core Courses: three courses (12 credits)

    • VA2020 Basic Design 4 credits

    • VA2030 Drawing 4 credits

    • VA2045 Introduction to Color 4 credits

    B. Completion of one of the following options:

    Option 1 Art History: two courses (8 credits)

    • Two courses in art history at or above the 3000-level

    Option 2 Fine Arts: two of the following (8 credits)

    • VA2010 Introduction to Creative Thinking 4 credits

    • VA2460 Painting I 4 credits

    • VA2750 Sculpture I 4 credits

    Option 3 Electronic Media: two of the following (8 credits)

    • VA2320 Graphic Design I 4 credits
    • VA3380 Digital Video 4 credits
    • VA3400 Digital Imaging 4 credits
    • VA3456 Creative Coding: Art & Games 4 credits
    • VA4260 Interactive Web Design 4 credits
    • VA4265 3-D Digital Design 4 credits
    • VA4460 Digital Animation 4 credits