Visual Arts, B.F.A.

Degree Type
Bachelor of Fine Arts

The B.F.A. degree program has two concentrations, both offering an interdisciplinary approach.  One, in Studio Art, includes drawing, painting, photography, and sculpture.  The other, in Electronic Media, includes print media, web design, multimedia design, three-dimensional modeling, animation, and video.     


Requirements for a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree 
(Minimum 72 credits in Visual Arts)

A. General Education

Refer to the Liberal Education Curriculum Bulletin for specific requirements.

B. Major Requirements

1st Level Foundation Courses – 20 cr.
(This level must be completed before starting Tutorials.)

  • VA2010 Intro to Creative Thinking 4 cr.
  • VA2020 Basic Design 4 cr.
  • VA2030 Drawing 4 cr.
  • VA2510 Art History Survey I or II 4 cr.
  • *VA2045 Introduction to Color 4 cr.

*(or Intro. to Art-taken before Fall 2008)

2nd Level Courses – 20 cr.
(1st Level Courses Prerequisite) 

In order to take Tutorials I, an average of 3.0 or better is needed in the first level Foundation Courses. This average has to be maintained in all Visual Arts courses in order to continue with Art Tutorials II and Art Tutorials III. 

  • VA3100 Visual Culture – Warhol to Present 4 cr.
  • VA3200 Art Tutorials I 4 cr.
  • VA3400 Digital Imaging 4 cr.
  • VA4200 Art Tutorials II 4 cr.
  • VA5200 Art Tutorials III 4 cr.

Required Visual Arts Courses – 12 cr.

  • VA4900 Internship 4 cr.
  • VA5900 Senior Project (solo exhibition) 4 cr.
  • A Third Art History Course 4 cr.

At the end of Senior Projects, B.F.A. candidates will participate in a one-person exhibition in the Amelie A. Wallace Gallery.

Required Visual Arts Courses – 20 cr.

Complete 5 from either Studio Arts or Electronic Media

Studio Arts Course options
  • VA 2460 Painting I 4cr.
  • VA 2750 Sculpture I 4cr.
  • VA 2400 Intro to Photo 4cr.
  • VA 4260 Interactive Web Design 4cr.
  • VA 4460 Digital Animation 4cr.
  • VA 3460 Painting II 4cr.
  • VA 4750 Sculpture II 4cr.
Electronic Media Course options
  • VA 2320 Graphic Design I 4cr.
  • VA 2400 Intro to Photo 4cr.
  • VA 3380 Digital Video 4cr.
  • VA3456 Creative Coding: Art & Games 4cr.
  • VA 4260 Interactive Web Design 4cr.
  • VA 4320 Graphic Design II 4cr.
  • VA 4460 Digital Animation 4cr.
  • VA 4265: 3D Digital Design 4cr.
  • VA 4360: Advanced 3D Design and Animation 4cr.