Why Study Abroad?

All the research on college student success shows that study abroad can:

  1. Increase foreign language skills and cross-culture communication skills
  2. Increase your Self-confidence and independence
  3. Improve your social interaction (interpersonal skills)
  4. Make you perform better in college.  Study abroad students tend to get higher GPA in college (analytical, problem solving skills)
  5. Increase your cultural awareness and makes you more culturally sensitive
  6. Make you grow and become more mature (exposure to differing view-points (problem solving, reasoning)
  7. Enable you to try something new (adaptability) and demonstrates flexibility and adaptability skills
  8. Help you to develop your analytical skills in a very practical manner (everyday situations)
  9. Make your resume more attractive to a potential employer or graduate school advisor
  10. Use the world as your classroom and apply your skills as you learn. Imagine how exciting it will be to make everyday a new learning experience!

Spain and Cuba- Leah Richberg, 2014

“If you’re thinking about going, go! It’ll help (your) resume…and to critically think a lot better.” 

Morocco- Sarah Ashour, 2015

"... I have always been interested in astronomy, and after having that experience, I plan on taking a course back at my home university, which is a huge departure for me as a biology major interested in the medical field. I am grateful to have been able to experience an event that showed me I should be seizing every opportunity to try new things.

Stephanie Lugo- Austria, 2014

People (in Austria) are very open. Be prepared. Be more open. Be friendlier, and have a good time.” 

Turkey- Justin Hicks, 2014

“I studied in Turkey in the Summer of 2014. The pre-departure sessions helped to prepare us to become acclimated to the Turkish culture. I also received a scholarship, which helped to fund the trip. As a Politics, Economics and Law major, I met as many people from as many places around the world as possible to gain insight into their cultures. It was an extraordinarily enriching experience which can’t be replaced with anything in the classroom.” 

France- Marie Estime, 2014 

“I studied in France in the Summer of 2014. It was an amazing experience. I was initially afraid to travel outside of the country, but I took a chance. I explored places that people can only dream of. Research scholarship opportunities and do a bit of research on the country’s people, places and food.

Spain- Michael Bayne, 2014

“Being abroad will change your life in many ways. On top of being able to immerse yourself in a totally different culture and learning interesting facts about it, you get to meet new people. You get to experience the social aspect of another country from around the world. And yes, you can!”