B.S./M.S. in Accounting

Degree Type
5-Year Bachelor of Science/Master of Science

Get prepared for success in your accounting career even faster -- earn two degrees in five years.

The combined B.S/M.S. programs in Accounting offers a directed approach to students seeking a CPA license and a career in accounting.

Students in the program are required to take six fewer credits than those students who independently obtain the degrees, yet they receive all of the educational and professional benefits of obtaining the B.S. and M.S. degrees.

Students enrolled in the program have the advantage of being notified of acceptance into the graduate portion of the program prior to their senior year. In addition, students applying for admission into the combined B.S. /M.S. program who attain the required undergraduate GPA do not need to take the GMAT exam to be admitted to the graduate school.

This program has been registered with the State of New York and will fully satisfy the education requirements needed to obtain a New York State CPA license.

Student Profile

Meet James Seraphin '24 and hear about his experiences in class and on campus as he prepares for his accounting career.

After Graduation

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), New York State has among highest employment levels of accountants and auditors in the entire country:

  • 119,150 employed as of 2023
  • Annual mean salary in NY: $113,310

The Projections Managing Partnership projects that New York State by 2030 will need 142,070 accountants and auditors -- an average of 13,510 needed each year! 

Curriculum: 150 credits (minimum)

A. liberal education requirements

All students are required to complete the University's Liberal Education curriculum.


Accounting Courses Required: 32 credits

  • BU3502 Principles of Accounting I - 3cr.
  • BU3511 Principles of Accounting II - 3cr.
  • BU4500 Intermediate Accounting I - 4cr
  • BU4510 Intermediate Accounting II - 4cr
  • BU4570 Federal Income Tax I - 4cr
  • BU4590 Cost Accounting - 4cr
  • BU5505 Essentials Government Non/Profit - 2cr.
  • BU5540 Advanced Financial Accounting - 4cr
  • BU5550 Auditing for Public Accounting - 4cr

Business Courses Required: 30 credits

  • BU3600 Principles of Business Law - 2cr.
  • BU3605 Intermediate Business Law - 2cr.
  • BU3610 Advanced Business Law  - 2cr.
  • BU3800 Marketing Principles - 4cr
  • BU4110 Organizational Behavior & Management (GE) - 4cr
  • BU4762 Financial Management - 4cr
  • BU5115 Operations Management - 4cr
  • BU5190 Business Strategy & Policy - 4cr
  • MA2000 Applied Statistics - 4cr
  • PE2420 Principles of Microeconomics - 4 cr. (meets liberal education requirement)
  • PE2430 Principles of Macroeconomics- 4 cr.
  • BU3071 Information Technology and Applications - 4cr.
  • BU3905 Business Communication - 2cr.
  • MA2300 Calculus for Business & Economics - 4 cr. (meets liberal education requirement)

Complete each three-credit course

  • BU7547 International Accounting
  • BU7555 Accounting Information Systems
  • BU7556 Advanced Accounting & Assurances
  • BU7560 Forensic Accounting
  • BU7570 Tax for Corporate Taxation
  • BU7590 Accounting Research
  • BU7750 Money, Credit and Capital Markets
  • BU7xxx Accounting Taxation Elective
  • BU7xxx Accounting/Business Elective