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Accountants have always been asked to prepare, analyze and communicate relevant information to those making business decisions. In today’s fast-paced environment, accountants are also expected to do forecasting and financial planning and evaluation.  SUNY Old Westbury’s undergraduate and graduate degree programs in accounting are designed to provide the diverse skills students need to take on sensitive management positions in business and industry, public accounting, and government.

While the University  offers a B.S. degree in Accounting, a student who wishes to be licensed as a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) in New York State must now meet a more extensive education requirement. This generally requires completion of a 150-credit hour program of study.

Students who complete both their B.S. degree in Accounting and either their M.S. degree in Accounting, M.S. degree in Taxation or M.S. degree in Forensic Accounting at SUNY Old Westbury will satisfy this requirement.

Students who have completed their undergraduate course of study at another educational institution may enter the M.S. program to satisfy the 150-credit hour program of study required to obtain a New York State CPA license. The University offers M.S. programs both for students who have an undergraduate degree in Accounting and for those students who obtained an undergraduate degree in another area.

The University offers combined B.S/M.S. programs in Accounting and Taxation. The prestigious combined B.S. /M.S. programs offer a directed approach to students who wish to obtain a CPA license. Students in the programs are  required to take six fewer credits than those students who independently obtain the degrees, yet they receive all of the educational and professional benefits of obtaining the B.S. and M.S. degrees. Students enrolled in the programs have the advantage of being notified of acceptance into the graduate portion of the program prior to their senior year. In addition, students applying for admission into the combined B.S. /M.S. programs who attain the required undergraduate GPA do not need to take the GMAT exam to be admitted to the graduate school.

Each of the combined B.S/M.S. programs has been registered with the State of New York and will fully satisfy the education requirements needed to obtain a New York State CPA license.

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Justice for Fraud Victims Project

The SUNY Old Westbury Justice for Fraud Victims Project (JFVP) offers victims of fraud across Long Island support in their pursuit of restitution while also providing vital skill-building experience for students of the University. 

JFVP’s goal is to assist victims of suspected financial fraud in cases where forensic investigative services are limited or too costly. With the assistance and oversight of Certified Fraud Examiners and other professionals, the students will become a force multiplier for victims in establishing the method by which a fraud was perpetrated and in quantifying the damages so the case can be prosecuted. At the same time, accounting students will obtain real world experience in the field of forensic accounting. 


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Accounting, Taxation & Business Law
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