Residence Hall FAQ

Housing placements for new to housing students (Freshmen/ Transfers/ Re-Admits) are done over the summer. All new students will be able to apply for Fall housing and meals online through your student portal.  Please be sure that your current SUNY OW Email account is active as all communications will be conducted through here.  


Q: How can I reach the campus? 

A: There are multiple ways to reach the campus and the residence halls including driving, flying, Long Island Railroad and public bus. Please refer to the "Visit Campus" section of the college website for directions, maps and more.

Q: What is a move in process to the halls?

A: FALL: Move in details for August 2020 is still pending 

SPRING: Move in happens the day prior to classes beginning in January

Q: How do I get to my hall?  Where can I park?  

A: Students coming on their designated day should head straight to the Woodlands Halls.  You can see the campus map in the "Visit Campus" section of the college website. University Police will be available to direct traffic.  There will be designated drop off points for the halls.  You will NOT be able to leave your cars by the halls and will be redirected to the main parking lot after dropping off your items.  We strongly encourage you to bring either dollies or moving handcarts to assist with the move in process.   

Q: As a residential student, what should I do if I have been "financially cancelled" from my room prior to moving in?

A: Students must clear their accounts with the Bursar Office by Thurs, August 13, 2020 by 4pm to qualify to check into housing.  Students must provide an "Approved for Room and Board" from the Bursar Office to be able to move. Students who cannot provide this documentation will not be able to move in.  We strongly encourage all students to review their accounts and plan for all eventualities.

PLEASE NOTE:  As move in is during the weekend, other administrative offices will not be available for student walk ins. This will keep students from moving into the halls.  

Q: Where can I apply for a Microfridge for my residence hall room?  

A: Students interested in renting a Microfridge can contact the company at 1.800.525.7307. For SP 2020 orders, please note that online orders WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED

Q: As a residential student, what if I am not registered for classes?

A: Returning Students must have an active full time schedule. Students must be registered for classes to qualify for housing. Students who are not registered by the Friday prior to the first day of move in CANNOT move into their room. 

Q: When do I find out information about my housing placement?  

A: Fall Housing: When you are placed, the software will send an automatic E-mail to your SUNY OW E-mail account verifying placement OR that you are currently placed on a waitlist. 

In-Semester Housing: you can call the Office of Residential Life the week prior to opening for the most available information.  

Q: How do I request a roommate?

A: Students have the option of adding specific roommate information however, no roommate matches are guaranteed. Student must REQUEST EACH OTHER to have the highest probability to be matched. Students can E-mail the Office of Residential Life at with the following information:  

Your Name:
Your Student ID #700:

I am requesting the following student as my roommate. 

I understand that is only a request and while all efforts are made to ensure the placements, they are not guaranteed.

Roommate Name: 
Roommate 700:

Please Note: Fall '21 no student shall have a roommate.

Q: When do I find out contact information about my roommate?   

A: Your room/roommate information can be accessed on your housing portal.

  1. To get to the portal, from your OW Connect page click the Campus Life link.

  2. Then click Housing Self Service / Apply Online in the first box. This will open your Housing Portal home page in a new window.

  3. Room and roommate information, if available, are under “Room Assignments” on the housing home page.

    Q: How can I contact my new roommate?  

    A: Due to FERPA regulations, we are only allowed to release limited information about students. Student should check their housing portal under for the most current housing information including their roommate(s) contacts. As this process is ongoing, any changes will be reflected within the housing portal. It is the responsibility of the student to check their portal regularly for any changes as ongoing notification will not occur.

    Q: What items can I bring to my residence hall room?  

    A: See the following: 

    Q: Where can I apply for Renters Insurance for my residence hall room?  

    A: Students interested in Renters Insurance can contact the National Student Services, Inc (College Student Renter’s Insurance) or call them directly at 1.800.256.6774. 

    Q: Where can I apply for specialized bed sheets for my residence hall room? 

    A: Students interested in specialized bed sheets can contact Residence Hall Linens or call them directly at (800) 957-4338. 

    Q: Where are the meal plans for students living on-campus?  

    A: Students interested in learning more about the meal plan options can contact Chartwells Dining Services or call them directly at (516) 876-3000.

    Q: What kind of computer/ laptop/ smart device can I bring?

    A: Students are encouraged to bring their computers/laptops/ tablets etc when they come to the college.  As computers and laptops continue to become more personalized, pleaser refer below: 

    • Each student room is available with Ethernet connections. You must provide your own Ethernet cord.  

    • ROUTERS ARE PROHIBITTED as it negatively affects the  network in the buildings.

    • Students with any connectivity issues can contact the ITS Service Desk.  

    We strongly recommend:

    1. all personal units be Ethernet cable compatible. While wireless access is available in the Woodland Halls, connectivity in the student rooms is best achieved through the Ethernet connections. 

    2. all personal items are insured for any damage or thefts. Insurance information is included in your summer package.   

    Q: How do I apply for ADA room?

    A: ADA rooms are very limited on campus.  Students must meet minimum clearance from the appropriate office(s) to be considered for placements.  This process is managed through the Office of Student Services and Disabilities (OSSD) who can be reached throug the link below.  

    Please note that while requests are considered, they are not guaranteed.  The Office of Residential Life has the ability to consolidate or re-located students from ADA rooms mid-semester as students with greater needs are identified. Students interested in applying for an ADA room can contact any of the following offices for more specific information and instructions.  

    Q: How do I receive packages to my residence hall room?

    A: Please note that we encourage all packages to arrive after students have moved in and are assigned a mailbox key. Packages arriving prior to the beginning of the school semester cannot be guaranteed delivery. This is the correct format for receiving your 

    PERSONAL MAIL including the US Postal Services

    Name: _______________________
    Res Hall Name: _________________
    Mailbox #:________________

    SUNY College @ Old Westbury
    PO BOX: 410
    Old Westbury, NY 11568-0410

    DELIVERY SERVICES except the US Postal Services IE: UPS, DHL, FEDEX, ETC

    Name: ______________________
    Res Hall Name: ________________
    Mailbox #:________________

    SUNY College @ Old Westbury
    223 Storehill Rd
    Old Westbury, NY 11568-0410

    Q: WHY is it important to pay my bill on time?

    Each semester, the due date for bills are posted. If a student is canceled for non-payment at that time, room and board will automatically be canceled.  While all efforts will be made to retain the original room space, that room space cannot be guaranteed should payment lead to reinstatement.

    If you have questions during the application process - or even before you decide whether to apply - feel free to call the Office of Residential Life (516) 876-3210 or send an email to

    If you have been "financially cancelled" from your room prior to moving in:

    You must clear your account with the Bursar Office prior to financial cancellation date (set each semester by the Bursar Office) to qualify to check into housing.  Students must provide an "Approved for Room and Board" from the Bursar Office to be able to move. Students who cannot provide this documentation will not be able to move in.  We strongly encourage all students to review their accounts and plan for all eventualities.  

    PLEASE NOTE:  As move in may occur over a holiday weekend, student accounts will not be able to be adjusted until the next working day.  Other administrative offices will not be available for student walk ins on the day of move in.   

    Q: If I decide to cancel my housing, how can I get my deposit back?

    A: The $50.00 advance housing deposit is NOT REFUNDABLE after July 1 for Fall semester applications and December 15 for Spring semester applications. If cancellation occurs after these dates, either at the request of the student or for failure to pay the bills, the deposit cannot be refunded but will stay on the students account.  Advance housing deposit made after July 1 become non-refundable 30 days from the date the re-admit application is received by the Office of Residential Life or after the first day of classes, whichever comes first.