Costs for Campus Housing

Q: How much does housing and meals cost?

Fees for room and board at Old Westbury are charged on a per semester basis. For complete list of fees and deadlines in relation to campus residency, visit the Tuition & Fees section of our website

Q: When are student bills due?

A: Please refer to the following link for more information: Bursar.

  • Currently Fall 2021 bills will be due August 12th. 

  • Fall 2021 payment plan bills are due on September 17th (second payment of the three payment plan option) and 

  • October 15th (third of the three plan option and final payment of the two payment plan option).

  • Accounts not paid in full will receive a late payment fee ranging from $30 to $50 depending on outstanding balance due. 

Q: As a residential student, what should I do if I have been "financially cancelled" from my room prior to moving in?

A: Students must clear their accounts with the Bursar Office by Thurs, August 12th to qualify to check into housing.  Students must provide an "Approved for Room and Board" from the Bursar Office to be able to move. Students who cannot provide this documentation will not be able to move in.  We strongly encourage all students to review their accounts and plan for all eventualities. 

PLEASE NOTE:  As move in may occur over a holiday weekend, student accounts will not be able to be adjusted until the next working day.  Other administrative offices will not be available for student walk ins on the day of move in.