Mission and Goals

Departmental Vision

We aspire to create opportunities to live, to learn, and to succeed in society

Departmental Mission

The Office of Residential Life is dedicated to housing students in secure residential communities and fostering an inclusive environment for learning, student success, and personal growth 

Departmental Values

There are 5 primary values for the Residential Life program at SUNY Old Westbury:
  1. Well-Being: To maintain and improve the residential hall facilities to satisfy students’ needs for a safe, secure, and comfortable environment.
  2. Student Success: To maintain an environment that encourages academic achievement, integrates academic and social experiences, and fosters wholesome campus life-styles.
  3. Accountability: To create a community living experience in which resident students are encouraged to take responsibility for their own actions and to make purposeful, self-directed choices.
  4. Inclusion: To provide experiences that will increase students’ understanding of and respect for persons with different life-styles and backgrounds.
  5. Community Engagement: To provide experiences that will promote interaction among the resident students and offer opportunities for personal growth, as well as social, intellectual, and career development.