Prohibited Items

Residents are prohibited from possessing or using the following items in the residence halls:
  1. Residents are prohibited from possessing or using the following items in the residence halls:
  2. Fire arms or other weapons (or reasonable facsimiles thereof)
  3. Knives (outside of those for the sole purpose of cooking) and/or switchblades
  4. Alcohol beverages/liquors
  5. Alcohol bottles, cans, and containers used for decorative or any other purpose
  6. Alcohol paraphernalia including but not limited to: Kegs, Beer Ball, taps, shot glasses, beer pong tables, funnels, etc
  7. Illegal Drugs & prescription medications not in your name
  8. Drug paraphernalia – Hookahs, grinders etc
  9. Candles, incense, wax melters, or anything with that can have an open flame, even if not in use
  10. Halogen bulbs/ lights, medusa lamps, lava lamps, oil and gas lamps, and any lamps with more than 2 heads/bulbs
  11. Cooking appliances or other high-wattage equipment, such as hot plates/pots, electric coffee pots, immersion heaters, popcorn poppers, electrical heaters, electric frying pans, deep fat  fryers, electric woks, microwave ovens, stoves, toaster ovens, refrigerators over 4.2 cubic feet or any other appliance more than 1,000 watts, with the exception of hand held hair dryers
  12. Air conditioners, electric heaters and heated blankets
  13. Non-Surge Protected extension cords or octopuses, or extension splitters.
  14. Futons, Waterbeds or any mattress not approved by Res Life
  15. Bed Risers/ cinder blocks or other materials used to elevate the bed posts
  16. Hoverboards
  17. Any product which has been recalled for safety reasons.
  18. Non-battery powered string lights or rope lights.
  19. Any additions may be added per NY State Law and Fire Code
  20. Please note: Residents are personally liable for damage or injuries resulting from the use of unsafe appliances. The Office of Residential Life reserves the right to update and amend this list at any point. For the most up to date listing please go to our website.