Tips to Succeed

Course and Study Help

There are many academic resources at SUNY Old Westbury and these are available to you at no additional cost.  If you need assistance with College Algebra, visit the Math Redesign Lab.  If you need help with other mathematics, statistics or computer science courses, visit the Math Learning Center.  The Writing Center is available for writing assistance and the Tutoring Center offers help with many of the courses in the School of Arts & Sciences and the School of Business.

Think of College as Your Job

You should think of class, studying, homework and campus engagement as mandatory, must do activities.  Develop a daily routine with this mindset.  This will help you manage your time, reduce stress, enjoy your college experience and achieve your goals.

Go To Class

Not too obvious to mention.  Attending class helps you stay focused and on track.  If you are unable to attend classes, reach out to your professor and your academic advisor for assistance. Do this as soon as you realize there is a problem. 

Seek Academic Advising

It is critical to select courses that put you on a path to graduation.  It is wiser to choose these courses in consultation with an academic advisor.  Even if you think you know, why not schedule a brief appointment just to check in and be certain.  An incorrect course selection means time and money for you and a possible delay in getting your degree.  Advising is available at The First Year Experience Office for freshmen.  After freshmen year, students can go to the Academic Advising Center.  Students can also seek advising from a faculty member in their major department.

Get to Know the Faculty

Connect with the faculty in your courses and through clubs and other campus activities. The faculty are one of your best resources.  Make appointments, visit during office hours, and attend their lectures.  You can discuss assignments, research projects, or career plans. 

Read the Syllabus  (Course Outline)

Every course has a syllabus.  This document gives you the expectations, policies, and assignments for the class.  Read it carefully and completely.  Know what is expected of you and when it is expected.

Check Your Old Westbury Email and Your Student Portal

Communications from the college, your instructors and other students are sent through Old Westbury email or posted to your student portal. Do not miss changes in deadlines, student opportunities, campus events or other important information that can affect your progress to graduation. 

Remember to use good email etiquette when communicating though email, whether it is your instructor, a fellow student or an administrator.

Find a Community on Campus

Successful students are connected to the campus community.  They get involved in Student Organizations, Athletics, Greek Life, or any number of events or activities on campus.  Reach out and experience new things, meet new people, and become part of a meaningful community at Old Westbury.

Remember Why You Here

This is just the beginning.  College is a long and challenging journey, but it is also rewarding, exciting and purposeful.  Your years at Old Westbury will bring you knowledge, insight, confidence and direction.  Your degree will open doors and will launch you on your way to your next exciting journey.