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TRIO Student Support Services (SSS) is a federally funded, comprehensive, and integrated academic excellence program intended to boost performance and help discover potential for motivated students having a low income, disability, and/or are considered first generation. Our goal is to develop students’ sense of achievement, purpose, and community. 

  • A student who is a citizen or national of the U.S. or meets the residency requirements for Federal student financial assistance.  
  • A student who has a need for academic support to successfully pursue a full-time, postsecondary educational program.  
  • A student who is low income (according to federal guidelines), a first-generation college student, or an individual with disabilities.  
  • Individualized Academic Planning and Advising 
  • Tutoring Services and Academic Skill Development 
  • Career and Graduate School Preparation 
  • Cultural Events and Community Building Programs 
  • Assistance with Financial Aid and Financial Literacy 
  • Navigating College Workshops and Webinars 
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  1. Contact TRIO SSS staff if you would like more information. 
  1. Complete the TRIO Application using either button or QR code 

Online Application for TRio



3.  Schedule an interview with TRIO SSS staff.  


  • Director: Veronica Ambrose  
  • Counselor: Aiseosa Irowa  
  • Counselor: Marissa Gumin   


Contact the TRIO SSS staff for further information or with specific questions.