Foundations of Spanish Translation Microcredential

Degree Type
Micro Credentials

The Microcredential in Spanish Translation is designed to help individuals develop basic skills for translating documents of a professional nature from English into Spanish. The program is germane to persons interested in careers such as educational services; business services; health services; communications; local government; social services; printing and publishing; chemicals and allied products; State government; and Federal Government. Employment in the occupation is expected to increase steadily as most of these industries expand. The Microcredential program is open to current college students and individuals seeking to add to their portfolio and make themselves more marketable to employers.


Students are required to take 16 credits by completing the following courses with a grade of B or better:

  • ML2110 Intermediate Spanish II 
  • ML3362 Advanced Spanish Grammar and Composition 
  • ML3200 Translation Workshop 
  • ML4201 Seminar in Translation Techniques 

Skills and Competencies to be Gained

Students who complete these courses at the stipulated level will:

  • Demonstrate their grasp of comparative grammar, style, rhetorical structures and levels of discourse.   
  • Develop a clearer understanding of the morphological and syntactical differences between English and Spanish. 
  • Be able to complete professional translations.  
  • Understand fundamental translation theories and methods. 
  • Use key source texts (dictionaries, books, websites) to develop translations.  
  • Learn the professional translation ethics, process, and work expectations.  

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