Advanced TV/Video Production Microcredential

Degree Type
Micro Credentials

The Microcredential in Advanced TV/Video Production is designed for students who wish to refine skills for creating high production value television programs and videos. Students will employ advanced documentary and television production and post-production techniques to create professional - level TV/Video projects and create demo reels / web portfolios highlighting skills and creative work. This Microcredential consists of two courses. Students pick one of three options: AS4965 Video In Action, AS4935 TV In Action or AS9000 Senior Media Fellow followed by AS5725 Senior Media Portfolio. Students successfully completing the requirements of the Microcredential will leave with an online portfolio showcasing short video or TV segments.


Students are required to take 8 credits by completing two courses with a grade of B or higher at Old Westbury. (Note: All of the courses in the Microcredential have pre-requisites that are not part of the Microcredential.)

Pick One:

  • AS4935 TV In Action 4 cr.

  • AS4965 Video In Action 4 cr.

  • AS9000 Senior Media Fellow 4 cr.

Followed by:

  • AS5725 Senior Media Portfolio 4 cr.

Skills and Competencies to be Gained

Students who complete these courses at the stipulated level will:

  • Demonstrate technical proficiency in video and/or TV production.

  • Create polished creative video and/or TV work samples.

  • Design a polished online portfolio of video or TV work samples.

  • Understand strategies for responsible journalism to create video and/or TV content that adhere to industry ethics and reflects the diversity of the SUNY Old Westbury community.

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