Foundations of Creative Writing Microcredential

Degree Type
Micro Credentials

The English Department’s 3-course Foundations of Creative Writing Micro-Credential provides a strong foundation in various genres of creative writing including short fiction, creative non-fiction, drama, and poetry. Students will hone their craft as creative writers through textual analysis, writing, and editing for an audience. The Micro-Credential provides professional development in fields such as writing, publishing, marketing, and editing.

Creative writing courses are workshop-based, providing students with support to grow as writers and creative thinkers and giving students a safe space to use art to explore issues that are important to them. In a setting such as SUNY Old Westbury, which prizes social justice and diversity, creative writing allows students to express their diverse experiences and identities and to discover the value of their unique and powerful voices.


Students are required to take a total of 12 credits, as follows:


  • EL3901, Introduction to Creative Writing 4 cr.

Select two:

  • EL 3920, The Art of Writing Poetry 4 cr.
  • EL 3950, Creative Nonfiction 4 cr.
  • EL 4100, English Internship (Harmonia Editorial Board) 4 cr.
  • EL 4520, Reading and Writing the Short Story 4 cr.

all with a grade of B or higher.

Skills and Competencies to be Gained

The Foundations of Creative Writing Micro-Credential will provide students with foundational knowledge in:

  • textual analysis
  • writing in several genres
  • publishing basics
  • the ability to offer creative and critical feedback

Other Considerations

At most one of the three classes can be transferred from another institution.

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