Foundations in Applied Behavior Change Microcredential

Degree Type
Micro Credentials

The micro-credential in Foundations in Applied Behavior Change is designed to provide students with foundational knowledge of behavioral learning principles, methodologies and procedures, and how they may be applied in various settings to address problematic behaviors and/or effect adaptive behavior change. This micro-credential is highly recommended for students who wish to pursue careers in various mental health and human service fields including: behavior therapy, counseling, mental health counseling, clinical psychology, social work, behavioral health, sports psychology, special education, as well as applied behavior analysis, and basic or applied behavioral research.


Students are required to take 12 credits by completing the listed courses with a grade of B or higher. (Note: All of the courses in the Microcredential have prerequisites that are not part of the Microcredential.)

  • PY 3420 Learning and Motivation 4 cr.
  • PY 4330 Behavior Modification 4 cr.
  • PY 4401 Developmental Neuropathology 4 cr.

Skills and Competencies to be Gained

Students who complete these courses at the stipulated level will have demonstrated:

  • knowledge and understanding of principles of learning, and how they may be applied to implement or facilitate behavior change;
  • knowledge of how to operationalize and measure behaviors, conduct functional assessments and functional analyses, and assess magnitude of behavior change;
  • awareness and understanding of the rights of clients, patients, and research participants (humans) and subjects (animals); as well as limitations and potential ethical issues and concerns with the use of harsh, invasive or aversive procedures to modify, regulate or control behavior.