Foundations of Nonprofit Management Microcredential

Degree Type
Micro Credentials

The Microcredential in Foundations of Nonprofit Management is designed for students holding or aspiring to leadership positions in nonprofit organizations. It consists of two courses, one on the managerial and the other on financial issues that leaders of nonprofit organizations face. Students successfully completing the requirements of the Microcredential will be prepared to help manage a nonprofit organization’s operations, finances, and planning.


Students are required to take 8 credits by completing both of the following courses with a grade of B or higher:

  • PS3625 Nonprofit Stewardship 4 cr.

  • PS4630 Financial Administration of Nonprofits 4 cr.

Skills and Competencies to be Gained

Students who complete these courses at the stipulated level will have demonstrated:

  • Understanding of the role and structure of the nonprofit sector;

  • Knowledge of the management issues that arise within nonprofit organizations and how to use this knowledge to successfully lead one;

  • Understanding of public governance and how to participate in and contribute to public policy-making as a leader of a nonprofit organization;

  • Knowledge of basic accounting principles, financial statements, financial planning processes, and audit and reporting requirements as they pertain to nonprofits;

  • An ability to use that knowledge to perform basic analyses of nonprofits’ finances and use them in operations and planning; and

  • An understanding of how to communicate this knowledge and the results of these analyses to organizational leadership, board members, and community stakeholders.

Other Considerations

At most one of the two classes can be transferred from another institution. Both classes can count toward the Congregational Leadership minor, and one can count as the major elective in the BPS in Professional Studies program.

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