Foundational Counseling Skills Microcredential

Degree Type
Micro Credentials

The Microcredential in Foundational Counseling Skills is designed for students considering career pathways and professions which require interviewing/intake procedure skills. Students successfully completing the requirements for the Microcredential will have the competency and skills required for basic interviewing and intake in mental health and counseling service delivery and in other related health and allied health professional settings.


Students are required to take 12 credits by completing the following courses with a grade of B or higher. (Note: All of the courses in the Microcredential have pre-requisites that are not part of the Microcredential.)

  • PY3310 Abnormal Human Behavior 4 cr.
  • PY3311 Theories of Personality 4 cr.
  • PY4320 Counseling Psychology 4 cr.

Skills and Competencies

Students who complete these courses will:

  • be able to state, describe, and demonstrate an understanding of the process of the identification of personality traits and the assessment of personality, as well as understand personality disorders.
  • be able to recognize the symptoms of major categories of mental illness and other forms of abnormal behavior and be able to identify potential diagnoses using the current major systems of diagnosis.
  • develop basic ideas and issue-description skills, to include: defining the basic ideas and issues, describing competing ideas and issues, and the ability to consider and evaluate multiple points of view with regard to the various schools of thought and different kinds of psychotherapy.
  • demonstrate the ability to consider issues of diversity, including race, ethnicity, gender, class, sexual orientation, religion and disability in
    • the study of personality
    • the identification of abnormality and mental illness
    • providing psychotherapies.
  • develop the skills to interview and provide preliminary assessments for interventions.

Please Note: Provision of counseling serviced in New York state requires a license to practice. The Microcredential is not a license to provide counseling services. 

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