Foundations of Neuropsychopharmacology Micro-Credential

Degree Type
Micro Credentials

The Micro-Credential in The Foundations of Neuropsychopharmacology will provide students with detailed knowledge in the anatomy and physiology of the central nervous system as it relates to the biochemical basis of neurotransmitter signaling across various brain regions. The Micro-Credential also covers the neurobiological bases of psychological and psychiatric disorders and disorders that are developed from recreational drug use/ abuse. The Micro-Credential has a specialized focus on the neuropsychopharmacology of drug actions involving instrumental, recreational, and therapeutic uses.  The Micro-Credential specifically covers in detail the actions of drug actions through its affinity, efficacy, tolerance, kinetics, absorption, distribution, elimination, dosage, and half-lives. The Micro-Credential is particularly useful for students interested in pursuing careers in the health and allied health professions, drug addictions, psychiatry, and in the pharmacological/pharmaceutical industries.

Please Note: Provision of Pharmacology/Psychiatry related needs serviced in New York State requires a license to practice. The Micro-Credential is not a license to provide Pharmacology/Psychiatry related services.


Students are required to take 16 credits by completing both of the following group of courses with a grade of B or higher. (Note: All of the courses in the Micro-Credential have pre-requisites that are not part of the Micro-Credential.)

  • PY 3610 Brain and Behavior 4 cr.

  • PY 3620 Drugs and Behavior 4 cr.

  • PY 4402 Neuropsychopharmacology 4 cr.

  • PY 4610 Clinical Neuropsychology 4 cr.


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