Fall 2023 Living Learning Communities (LLC)


  • Old Westbury's Living-Learning Communities (LLCs) are centers of intellectual, extracurricular and social engagement.
  • LLCs bring together students with similar interests and academic pursuits in a residential environment.  When you join one of these communities, you realize all the benefits of on-campus living plus additional advantages that help you more deeply engage with faculty and the campus community through the group’s purpose.
  • Participants gain access to programming including academic and experiential projects, social outings, career and networking events and community service activities.  These are designed within the theme of each community to enhance your personal, professional and academic experiences at SUNY Old Westbury.


  • Involvement in planning LLC events
  • Community/team-building events
  • Field trips, networking events, seminars
  • Programming, research, collaborations with Social and Environmental Justice Institute and Center for Student Leadership and Involvement
  • Simulation games, competitions, creative projects
  • Sessions with Faculty


The Community Advocacy & Action Learning Community invites students to increase their understanding and engagement in the empowerment of individuals and communities. Students will be surrounded by others who are enthusiastic about advocacy, equality, social justice, and social inclusion and aware of cultural and social diversity within our society. Students will gain increased self-awareness, knowledge of rights, effective communication, leadership, networking, and the ability to work in diverse environments.

The Entrepreneurship & Innovation Learning Community invites entrepreneurial students from all academic disciplines to embrace and benefit from creativity and innovation to immerse themselves in entrepreneurship. The learning community’s mission is to mobilize students to discover their own creative, innovative, and entrepreneurial potential and build community among participants while instilling in them the fundamental skills and mindsets necessary to be a successful change-maker and entrepreneur.

The Social Influence & Information Learning Community invites students from all academic disciplines interested in discovering why and how people choose to communicate, the contexts and settings in which they communicate (intercultural, group, organizational, sociopolitical, interpersonal), and the consequences of these interactions. Students will gain experience as a next-generation communication specialist who can bring about positive social change.

The Wellness Learning Community (Well & Wise) invites all students to engage in balanced, healthy lifestyles by learning skills associated with physical, mental, spiritual, and environmental well-being. Students will foster a lifelong commitment to their individual development, be supported by teamwork and campus resources, and participate in health and wellness activities.