Faculty Books and Creative Works

Our faculty are not only accomplished scholars, but also prolific and award-winning authors and creators.

Each year, faculty publish books on topics ranging from history and literature, to psychology and health. Our faculty in the visual and media arts produce works of physical and multimedia art that premiere in exhibitions throughout the region, nation and world. 

Recent Authors

Kathleen O’Connor-Bater, Associate Professor of Modern Languages
"The Intellectual and Cultural Worlds of Rubén Darío"
Routledge Studies (2023)

Sylvie Kandé, Associate Professor of History & Philosophy
"The Neverending Quest for the Other Shore: An Epic in Three Cantos”
Wesleyan University Press (2022)

Nicholas Powers, Associate Professor of English
“Thirst: The Rich are Vampires”
Upset Publishing (2022)

Curtis Holland, Assistant Professor of Sociology
"Inequality, Identity, and the Politics of Northern Ireland: Challenges of Peacebuilding and Conflict Transformation”
Lexington/Rowman and Littlefield (2022)

Denton Watson, Associate Professor of American Studies/Media & Communications
“The Papers of Clarence Mitchell Jr., Volume V: The Struggle to Pass the 1957 Civil Rights Act, 1955–1958”
Ohio University Press (2022)

Runi Mukherji, Professor of Psychology
"Guide to Intercultural Skill Development and Assessment"
Independently published (2022)

Kyle Anderson, Assistant Professor of History & Philosophy
“The Egyptian Labor Corps: Race, Space, and Place in the First World War”
University of Texas Press (2021)

Karl Grossman, Professor of American Studies/Media & Communications
"Cold War Long Island”
The History Press (2021)

Amanda Frisken, Professor of American Studies/Media & Communications
"How Sensational Images Transformed Nineteenth-Century Journalism"
University of Illinois Press (2020)

Jasmine Mitchell, Assistant Professor of American Studies/Media & Communications
"Imagining the Mulatta: Blackness in U.S. and Brazilian Media." 
University of Illinois Press (2020)

Laura Limonic, Associate Professor of Sociology
"Kugel and Frijoles: Latino Jews in the United States."
Wayne State University Press (2019)

Carol Quirke, Professor of American Studies
"Dorothea Lange, Documentary Photography, and Twentieth-Century America: Reinventing Self and Nation"
Routledge (2019)

Jingyi Song, Professor of History and Philosophy
"Denver’s Chinatown 1875-1900: Gone But Not Forgotten" and "Shaping and Reshaping Chinese American Identity: New York's Chinese in the Years of the Depression and World War II."
Brill Academic Publishing (2019)

Christopher Hobson, Professor of English
"James Baldwin and the Heavenly City: Prophecy, Apocalypse, and Doubt"
Michigan State University Press (2018)

Llana Barber, Associate Professor of American Studies/Media & Communications
"Latino City: Immigration and Urban Crisis in Lawrence, Massachusetts, 1945-2000."
University of North Carolina Press (2017)

Jacqueline Emery, Associate Professor of English
"Recovering Native American Writings in the Boarding School Press" (Editor)
University of Nebraska Press (2017)

Fernando Espinoza, Professor of Chemistry & Physics/Adolescence Education
“Wave Motion as Inquiry: The Physics and Applications of Light and Sound”
Springer Link (2017)

Xavier Marechaux, Associate Professor of History & Philosophy/Adolescence Education
“Noces Révolutionnaires: Le mariage des prêtres en France, 1789-1815 [Revolutionary weddings: The marriage of priests in France, 1789-1815]”
Editions Vendémiaire (2017)

Rose Muzio, Associate Professor of Politics, Economics & Law
"Radical Imagination, Radical Humanity: Puerto Rican Political Activism in New York."
SUNY Press (2017)

Nicole Seiben, Assistant Professor of English/Adolescence Education
"Writing Hope Strategies for Writing Success in Secondary Schools"
Brill|Sense (2017)

Jessica L. Williams, Visiting Assistant Professor of English
"Media, Performative Identity, and the New American Freak Show"
Palgrave Macmillan (2017) 

Carolyn Cocca, Professor of Politics, Economics and Law 
“Superwomen: Gender, Power, and Representation.” 
Bloomsbury Academic (2016)

Peter Ikeler, Associate Professor, Sociology 
"Hard Sell: Work and Resistance in Retail Chains"
ILR Press (2016)

Recent Creative Works

Fred Fleisher, Assistant Professor of Visual Arts
“Secret Show"
SPRING/BREAK Art Show NYC, (2023)

Patricia A. Harris, Associate Professor of Visual Arts
"Milkweed Phenology,"
FollyFields Residency, Hawthorne Valley Farm (2022)

Tricia McLaughlin, Professor of Visual Arts
ZAZ Corner "In Between" in Times Square, New York (2021)

Eric Hagan, Assistant Professor of Visual Arts
“For those that seek the truth may you find certainty”
Artist in Residency - Governors Island, New York (2020)

Laura Chipley, Assistant Professor of American Studies/Media & Communications and
Samara Smith, Associate Professor of American Studies/Media & Communications
Works on Water residency on Governors Island, New York (2019)