Curtis Holland

photo of Curtis Holland
Assistant Professor
New Academic Building
Courses Taught
  • Theories of Crime
  • Sociology of Violence
  • Sociology of the Police
  • Victimology
  • Punishment and Corrections
  • Crime, Media, and Culture
  • Research Methods 1
  • Ph.D, Northeastern University, 2016
Student/College Service

Academic Policies and Practices Committee (APPC)

Faculty Rights and Responsibilities Committee (FRRC)

Liberal Education Committee (LEC)

Research Interests
  • Nationalism, Ethnic Conflict and Peace building
  • Political Sociology
  • Criminology and Criminal Justice Reform
  • Class & Inequality
  • Globalization, Environment, and Security
  • Northern Ireland
  • Holland, Curtis (2022). Inequality, Identity, and the Politics of Northern Ireland: Challenges of Peacebuilding and Conflict Transformation. Lexington/Rowman and Littlefield: Lanham, MD. 
  • Holland, Curtis (2023). "Class, Identity, Integration, and the Two-Tiered Peace Process." Treatises and Documents: Journal of Ethnic Studies, 90: special issue on the Northern Ireland peace process 25 years after the Belfast/Good Friday Agreement. 
  • Pierce, Glenn, Curtis Holland, Paul Cleary and Gordana Rabrenovic (2022). "The Opportunity Costs of the Politics of Division and Disinformation in the Context of the Twenty-first Century Security Deficit." SN Social Sciences 2: 241.
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  • Holland, Curtis and Gordana Rabrenovic (2018). "Masculinities in Transition? Exclusion, Ethnosocial Power and Contradictions in Ex-combatant Community-based Peacebuilding in Northern Ireland." Men and Masculinities 21(5): 729-755.
  • Holland, Curtis, Marjorie Cohn, Ira Helfand and Jean Grassman (2018). “Weapons of War and Mass Destruction.” In W. H. Wilst & M. White (eds.), Preventing War and Promoting Peace (pp. 61-74). Cambridge University Press. 

  • Pierce, Glenn, Paul Creary, Curtis Holland and Gordana Rabrenovic (2018). “Security Challenges in the 21st Century: The Changing Nature of Risk, Security and Sustainability.” Advances in Cross Cultural Decision Making: Advances in Intelligent Systems and Computing, 610. Springer Nature. 

  • Holland, Curtis and Gordana Rabrenovic (2017). "Social Immobility, Ethno-politics and Sectarian Violence: Obstacles to Post-conflict Reconstruction in Northern Ireland. International Journal of Politics, Culture and Society 30(3): 219-244.
  • Holland, Curtis (2013). "An Empirical Analysis of the Structuration of American Ideologies about Economic Justice." Qualitative Sociology Review 9(4):  85-99.
  • Liem, Marieke, Jack Levin, Curtis Holland and James A. Fox (2013). "The Nature and Incidence of Familicide in the United States, 2000-2009." Journal of Family Violence 28(4): 351-358.


  • "Class, Integration, and the Two-Tiered Peace Process Twenty-Five Years After the Good Friday Agreement." Presented at the 118th American Sociological Association annual meeting, Peace, War and Social Conflict roundtable session 1, Philadelphia, PA, August 19, 2023.
  • “A Tale of Two Belfasts? Inequality, Identity, and Symbolic Power in a ‘Post-conflict’ City.” Presented at the 92nd Annual Meeting of the Eastern Sociological Society, regular paper session, Boston, MA, March 10, 2022. Also presented virtually as part of Old Westbury's Social Justice Seminar Series, March 30, 2022. 
  • "Peace Fatigue, Power Sharing, and Political Impediments to Community-based Peacebuilding in Northern Ireland." Accepted for presentation at the 119th American Sociological Association annual meeting, Peace, War and Social Conflict regular paper session, Los Angeles, CA, August 5-9. 
  • “Brexit: A Constitutional Moment in Protestant/Unionist/Loyalist Politics? Examining the Perspectives of Community-based Stakeholders in Northern Ireland.” Presented virtually at the 116th American Sociological Association annual meeting, Peace, War and Social Conflict roundtable session, August 10, 2021.
  • Pierce, Glenn, Curtis Holland, Paul Cleary and Gordana Rabrenovic. 2021. “The Price of the Politics of Division, Distraction and Disinformation: The 21st Century Security Gap.” Presented virtually at the World Congress of Political Science, International Political Science Association, regular paper session, July 13, 2021.
  • “The Politics of Policing and Contested Legitimacy in Northern Ireland.” Peace, War and Social Conflict Roundtable Session, 115th American Sociological Association Annual Meeting. Presented virtually on August 10, 2020.