Pre-First Year Program

The EOP Pre-First Year Program is designed to provide students a jump start on their collegiate experience and to help in making a successful transition from high school.

The summer curriculum is designed to prepare participants to successfully progress through SUNY Old Westbury's degree programs by developing and strengthening critical thinking, reading, writing, mathematics, and library/research skills. The Faculty, who will be teaching in the Program, is experienced, skilled and has taught in the Program for several years. 

The professional counselors and peer/tutor counselors will also implement an educational curriculum designed to enhance and strengthen the academic and social and character development of summer program students. To this end, the support staff will be providing individual and group counseling and workshops, to help participants develop characteristics and social skills normally expected of college and university students in America.

The Pre-First Year Program students will participate in the campus' Summer Orientation Program. During those two days, the EOP students will be participating in of all the activities for the two-day Orientation Program.