EOP Pre-Freshman Summer Program

The EOP Pre-Freshman Program is a required 5-week academic program designed to provide students with a holistic orientation to collegiate life at SUNY Old Westbury.

Courses are taught by SUNY Old Westbury faculty along with professional counselors and peer/tutor mentors who will also implement an educational curriculum designed to enhance and strengthen the academic and social orientation for pre-first year students. To this end, the EOP Staff will be providing individual and group counseling, along with Student Success workshops, to help participants develop characteristics and social, emotional learning as they acclimate to collegiate life.

Pre-Freshman Program students will also participate in the campus' Summer Orientation Program that takes place during 2-days of the 5-week program. EOP students will be participating in of all the activities during the Orientation Program.  

Summer 2024 Program Dates

July 7th, 2024 - August 9th, 2024

Monday - Friday

Move-in: Sunday, July 7th, 2024

EOP Summer Program Highlights
  • Live on Campus (Monday - Friday)
  • Earn College Credits      
  • Service Learning Projects
  • Engage in trips, social events and peer led activities
  • Receive an EOP Peer Mentor
  • Connect with faculty members and EOP Alumni
  • Be one of the MOST PREPARED students on campus!
EOP Summer Program Cost

Although the EOP Summer Program has a value of over $4,500, there is NO COST to THE STUDENT.

  • Why do we host the EOP Summer Program?
    • Educational research has found that students who attend a comprehensive Pre-college Summer Program are more likely to graduate from school and get a job in their desired field.  This is what we want for all of our EOP students.  We require students to participate in our Pre-Summer College Program, because it works! As a result of EOP, you will be among the most prepared students on campus when the fall semester begins.
  • What does the Summer Program cost?
    • The cost of the EOP Summer Program, including housing, meals, tuition and activities is completely covered by EOP and SUNY Old Westbury
  • Do I live on campus during the program?
    • Yes, all students live on campus Monday-Friday during the duration of the program. Students return home on Friday afternoons and come back to campus on Sunday evenings.
  • Is transportation available to SUNY Old Westbury?
  • Can students bring their car?
    • Parking is available in the Campus Center with parking pass. Registration is required.  Please visit connect.oldwestbury.edu
  • Can I have visitors during the week?
    • Think of your 5-week immersion program as an "academic boot camp."  Your day will contain a full schedule and you will be encouraged to form bonds with your peers. You will go home on the weekends, but we do not allow visitors, unless there is an emergency or extenuating circumstance.  In cases of emergency, visitors are asked to check in with the EOP Office, located in K-110 or University Police.
  • Can I work during this program?
    • If you work, please keep your schedule to the weekends only and do not let it interfere with program obligations.  We expect you to fully engage in the program and take advantage of the time and the space to acclimate to the college. If you have extenuating circumstances you want to discuss, please contact us at eop@oldwestbury.edu
  • What essentials should I bring to campus?
  • I have decided to live on campus in the Fall. How do I apply for campus housing? How do I select a roommate?