Study Skills and Tutoring Services

Study Skills, Tutoring Services, and Support Services are designed to improve students’ academic and non - academic development. These skills and services are provided through a variety of methods designed to effectively assess, strengthen, and improve academic and personal development.

EOP students benefit most when their academic and non-academic needs are evaluated prior to tutoring or study skills services being provided. The student, faculty and EOP counselor are involved in the evaluation process determining the type of tutoring, study skills, academic support or non –academic support is best suited for the student. EOP counselors also conduct periodic interviews with EOP students to assess their needs.

Tutoring and study skill assistance can be requested by visiting the EOP office and speaking with an EOP counselor. Students are assigned a tutor or referred to any service within our University based on an assessment of need. Study skill and Tutoring services can be offered through the Writing Center, Math Redesign lab, CSTEP Program, Office of Services for Students with Disabilities, Academic Department, or the Student Success Center. EOP students also have access to online tutorial services through the Powertrack math course and other online tutoring programs offered by academic departments.