Mathematics, Computer & Information Science

The Department’s main curriculum goal is to train our students to be problem solvers, critical thinkers, and life long learners. To achieve this goal, we offer a broad variety of courses serving the needs of all majors at SUNY Old Westbury.

For Liberal Art students we offer mathematics proficiency and computer literacy courses in which mathematics and information technology ideas, many of them are quite applicable and intuitive, are studied to enable students to become educated citizens.

Many students in more quantitative majors, from Business to Physics, take a series of mathematics and computer science courses required by their respective departments. These courses are offered by the Mathematics & CIS department, and the course content is tailored to fit these students’ specialties and backgrounds.

The department offers three undergraduate majors, one graduate degree and two undergraduate minors:

The department also collaborates with the School of Education on the following degrees:

For students in these programs, we offer courses that cultivate quantitative and technical skills, and develop a conceptual grasp of the underlying theory. In addition to course studies, students may practice their knowledge and skills in internship programs or research projects.


Frank Sanacory

Associate Professor, Chair
Building: New Academic Building
Room: 2014
Phone: (516)876-3968