Computer and Information Sciences Minor

Degree Type


This minor helps train our students to be problem solvers, critical thinkers, and life long learners.


  • The Computer & Information Science minor requires a minimum of five courses (20 credits). 
  • A minimum of 16 credits must be taken outside the student’s major requirement.
  • Up to two courses may be transferred from other institutions.
  • Completion of the CIS minor requires a grade of C or higher in all required courses for the minor.





Students must complete 20 credits as follows:


All of the following four Courses (16 Credits)

  • CS2510 Computer Programming I 4 cr.
  • CS2511 Computer Programming II 4 cr.
  • CS3810 Data Structures & Algorithms 4 cr.
  • CS4501 Software Engineering 4 cr.

Elective: One Upper Division Computer Science Course (4 Credits)

Take one 4000 or 5000 level computer science course (excluding CS4100 Technical Communications): CS4xxx Or CS5xxx. Please note that the above CS courses require mathematics prerequisites, including MA2090 and MA3030. Also note that where MA2090 is listed as a prerequisite, MA2080 is allowed as a substitute. Where MA2310 is listed as a prerequisite, MA2300 can be substituted.