Frank Sanacory

Frank Sanacory
Associate Professor, Chair
New Academic Building
Courses Taught

MA 2310 Calculus I
MA 2310 Calculus II
MA 3330 Calculus III
MA 3520 Transitions to Advanced Mathematics
MA 4710 Applied Cryptography
MA 5320 Advanced Calculus
MA 6510 Statistics I
MA 6520 Statistics II
MA 6250 Analysis

CS 2521 Scientific Programming Python
CS 4710 Applied Cryptography
CS 7510 Communication and Presentation


PhD in Mathematics, University of South Carolina

Research Interests

Banach Space Geometry 
Functional Analysis 
Applied Data Science 
Data Science Ethics


Smirnova, Elena, Katarzyna Platt, Yu Lei, and Frank Sanacory. "Pleasing the crowd: the determinants of securities crowdfunding success." Review of Behavioral Finance (2020).

Sanacory, Frank. Computation of the Bellenot Norm and Bellenot Type Norms Journal of Advances in Mathematics vol 16 (2019) ISSN: 2347-1921.

Sanacory, Frank. Extension of Mamikon's Theorem, International Journal of Pure and Applied Mathematics. Volume 107, Issue 4 (2016) 959 - 964.

Sanacory, Frank. An extension of Elton Near Unconditionality. Positivity. June 2011, Volume 15, Issue 2, 175-184.