Applied Mathematics Minor

Degree Type

The minor in Applied Mathematics is designed for those students who want to strengthen their skills in essential areas of quantitative reasoning, critical thinking, and problem solving across a range of disciplines. This minor is especially relevant to students majoring in the natural or social sciences, or in the School of Business, who intend to pursue advanced study or careers in areas that require strong analytical skills. (Examples of such professional areas would include actuarial science, biostatistics, business administration, decision science, finance, management science, operations research, natural resources and sustainability.) Students will explore the use of mathematical models to analyze and solve real-life problems and systems. Applied mathematics provides valuable tools for improved decision making, and for enhanced understanding of uncertainty and complexity in the world.

  • The Applied Mathematics minor requires a minimum of six courses and 24 credits.

  • A minimum of 16 credits must be taken outside the student’s major requirement.

  • Up to two courses may be transferred from other institutions.

  • Completion of the Applied Mathematics minor requires a grade of C or higher in all required courses for the minor.



Students must complete 24 credits as follows:

A. Required Mathematics Courses: All of the following four courses (16 credits)

  • MA2310 Calculus & Analytic Geometry I 4cr 


  • MA2300 Calculus for Business & Economics 4cr.

  • MA3160 Linear Algebra 4cr.

  • MA3210 Intro. to Probability & Statistics 4cr.

  • MA4910 Operations Research I 4cr.

 B. Required Elective Courses: Two courses from the following (8 credits)

  • MA2320 Calculus & Analytic Geometry II 4cr.

  • MA4300 Numerical Analysis 4cr.

  • MA4360 Differential Equations 4cr.

  • MA4920 Operations Research II 4cr.

  • MA5230 Mathematical Statistics 4cr.

  • MA4310 Scientific Computing 4cr.