Why LiveText?

DISCLAIMER: The School of Education works as hard as possible to provide information about LiveText and about the school that is as accurate as possible. However, this information is subject to change.  If you have any questions, please contact the LiveText Coordinator, Renee Markowicz (soelivetext@oldwestbury.edu).

The Move to LiveText

Starting in Fall 2017, a LiveText Student Membership has been required for all School of Education Students.* Students can buy a LiveText account through the Old Westbury Portal or by using book vouchers at the bookstore.  (See "Purchasing LiveText" section of the Student FAQ for further details.)  The account is valid for seven years.

LiveText has vastly expanded our capabilities to serve our students, comply with state and accreditation standards, and assess the performance of the School of Education in preparing emerging teachers. There is significant benefit for all parties in using LiveText.  Students have access to faculty feedback on their performance across all courses. Having access to this information helps students to reflect on their learning over time. LiveText allows faculty to share assessments and showcase how students have met standards and areas that they excel in within their program(s). Other student benefits are listed in the Benefits section of the Student FAQ.

Faculty and staff in the School of Education derive benefits from LiveText in the form of user-friendly data readouts that will illustrate student performance, a simple way to administer assessments and collect student work, and tools for creating portfolios and other student work samples.  There are many other benefits, as listed in the Student and Faculty FAQs. Our programs are recognized by the New York State Education Department and the School of Education is a member in good standing with the Association for the Advancement of Quality in Educator Preparation (AAQEP), anticipating accreditation in early 2022. LiveText enables our faculty to collect and analyze course assignments and assessment data more efficiently and provide feedback to students on their assessments.

*Please note: Students taking courses at SUNY Old Westbury as part of a sabbatical program from the NYC DOE are exempt from purchasing LiveText.