About the School

The School of Education at SUNY Old Westbury is a member in good standing of the Association for Advancing Quality in Educator Preparation (AAQEP). The School of  Education is working toward accreditation of its educator preparation programs under the AAQEP standards with an anticipated Quality Assurance Review in fall 2021.

Graduates from an accredited teacher preparation program are in high demand because they are well- prepared for initial licensure and certification. Many states have reciprocity agreements based on graduation from accredited schools, so graduates of accredited schools will generally find it easier to apply for a teaching license should they move out of state. 

The mission of the School of Education is to prepare teacher candidates to be literate and progressive citizens who value human diversity and exemplify an appreciation for the interdisciplinary nature of knowledge and for learning as a lifelong process. The school seeks to develop teachers with the professional and personal characteristics and dispositions to facilitate the holistic development of all learners in the context of contemporary society.

Together with partners across the College and in the schools, faculty of the School of Education have developed a Conceptual Framework to implement the above mission and vision. The Conceptual Framework rests on three principles: a commitment to preparing teachers as professionals; a belief in the interdisciplinary nature of knowledge and practice; and an active engagement in promoting a just world. Teacher candidates explore these principles through course work and guided practice.