Withdrawal Liability

If you decide to withdraw from or not attend SUNY Old Westbury, it is your obligation to properly and promptly withdraw through the Office of the Registrar. Non-attendance of class(es) does not qualify as an official withdrawal and does not relieve a student of financial obligations.

Reduction (and refund, if applicable) of tuition liability is made according to SUNY Board of Trustees policies.  Students incur liability based on the length of the academic term and the date of official withdrawal.  The tuition refund schedule below has been established by the SUNY Board of Trustees and relates to both fall and spring semesters.  

Effective Date of Withdrawal

Tuition Refund available

1st Week


2nd Week


3rd Week


4th Week


5th Week


Any reductions related to summer and winter sessions are done on a modified schedule. Students are advised to contact the Office of the Bursar for details related to those sessions.

To qualify for liability adjustments, students must follow the College's official withdrawal policy complete and submit the required paperwork. Non-attendance or stop payment orders on checks do not constitute official withdrawals.

Federal regulations require the Office of Financial Aid to recalculate the amount of Federal financial aid a student has earned as of the official date of withdrawal.  Also, available aid for subsequent semesters may be affected by a withdrawal. It is strongly recommended that students consult with their financial aid counselor before making a decision to withdraw.