Undergraduate Tuition & Fees

2021-22 Undergraduate Tuition & Fees*

Full time (12+ credits) $3,535.00** $8,490.00
Part-time (per credit) 295.00 708.00
College Fee    
Full time (12+ credits) 25.00 25.00
Part-time (per credit) 1.70 1.70
Student Activity Fee    
Full time (12+ credits) 87.50 87.50
Part-time 51.00 51.00
Intercollegiate Athletic Fee    
Full time (12+ credits) 174.00 174.00
Part-time (flat fee 1-11 credits) 87.00 87.00
Health Service Fee    
Full time (12+ credits) 120.00 120.00
Part-time (per credit) 10.00 10.00
Technology Fee    
Full time (12+credits) 188.00 188.00
Part-time (per credit) 15.50 15.50
Transportation Fee    
Full time (12+credits) 60.00 60.00
Part-time (flat fee for 1-11 credits) 30.00 30.00
Residence Hall
(Single Room) 
4,030.00 4,030.00
Meal Plans
(Meals plan costs relate to residential students.)
2,125.00 2,125.00
Dormitory Damage/Key Deposits
(Mandatory for all residential students. Required once per academic year.) 
110.00 110.00

* Costs subject to change
** Costs exclude books, supplies, travel and personal expenses. Excelsior Tuition Recipients Full-time Tuition is $3,235.00 per semester.

Download a copy of the Semester & Annual Costs to Attend - FYE 2021-22

Mandatory Fees

College Fee is utilized to supplement campus operations by providing additional funds to support the academic mission of the College.

Technology Fee  supports the increased use of computing and communication technology in deliverance of academic course offerings and administrative services available to all students.

Student Activity Fee supports the activities sponsored by the Student Government Association which includes activities and events offered at various times throughout the semester and are open to all students.

Intercollegiate Athletic Fee supports intercollegiate athletic activities including the program operation, facilities and support of our teams.

Health Service Fee provides basic medical assistance, counseling and prevention services to all students via the Campus Health Center.  This is not health insurance.

Transportation Fee supports the operation and maintenance of student transportation services on campus and/or between the campus and surrounding community.