Majors and Programs - Visual Arts

Bachelor of Arts

To earn the B.A. in Visual Arts, students must complete the Liberal Education requirements and 48 credits in required Visual Arts courses.The department organizes its courses of study in three levels:The foundation level allows students to differentiate between authentic personal decisions and those dictated by social and cultural conditions.A tutorial level allows students to focus on creative... Read more

Bachelor of Fine Arts

The B.F.A. degree program has two concentrations, both offering an interdisciplinary approach. One, in Studio Art, includes drawing, painting, photography, and sculpture. The other, in Electronic Media, includes print media, web design, multimedia design, three-dimensional modeling, animation, and video. Within the 120-credit curriculum, 72 credits are required in the major, including a 24... Read more

Bachelor of Science

To earn a B.S. Degree in Visual Arts: Electronic Media, students must complete the Liberal Education requirements, 48 credits in required Visual Arts courses and 16 credits in Electronic Media courses, for a total of 64 credits in the major. Credits for experiential learning are considered in satisfying departmental requirements.Like the B.A. in Visual Arts, the curriculum is organized into... Read more


The Digital Design Marketing minor is an interdisciplinary offering that empowers students from all disciplines with the knowledge they need to attain employment in today’s highly competitive, digitally-driven business environments. The goal of the curriculum is to provide the technological skills of interactive web and digital media with the marketing acumen to competently deliver optimal... Read more