For Current Students

Advising: Students and Their Faculty Mentors

If you do not see your name listed under any faculty members, please contact the chair of the Chemistry and Physics Department.

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    Research for Students – Getting Involved

    Many of our undergraduates work with faculty mentors on research projects. Students also take part in research through courses, such as laboratory course-embedded research, Independent Study, Research, and most importantly, through our senior thesis requirement. Students regularly co-author papers with faculty and present their work at national, regional and local meetings. Please explore individual Faculty's research areas as well as additional information at Chemistry Research and Physics Research. Contact the professors with whom you would like to work with. As an option, you can also fill a research application form. If you are majoring in chemistry or biochemistry, fill out the Form for Chemistry. For physics majors, use this Form for Physics.

    Summer Research/Internship

    Participating in summer internship/research is a great way to explore science and develop your professional and peer network. Many summer research programs have an application deadline in January or February. Please check the requirements and ask faculty mentors for help as needed. Some of those opportunities are listed below.

    Career Planning Resources

    The employment opportunities for chemistry and physics professionals can be divided into five main sectors: industry, academia, government, non-profit, and entrepreneurship. Explore help resources and your options here via