About Us

Mission Statement

The mission of the Chemistry and Physics Department is to provide a sound, broadly-based foundation in chemistry and physics to enable graduates to perform effectively in the chemical or physical industries, graduate and professional school, and other work environments. Along with this foundation, the department’s learning outcomes focus on the development of students’ critical thinking and communication skills. In keeping with the University's social justice mission, we strive to accomplish these goals through close interaction between students and faculty, and by creating a learning environment that is welcoming to all.

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External Grants

The Chemistry and Physics department encourages all faculty to pursue external grant support for their research and educational projects. The department has had remarkable success since its inception in securing grants totaling over $10 million. Support for student research participants is a feature of most of these grants. Currently, department faculty have active projects with funding from the National Science Foundation and the American Chemical Society. Descriptions of these and other Chemistry and Physics faculty research and educational projects can be found elsewhere on this website

Development of Degree Programs

Our degree programs have been developed throughout the past decades and continue to grow!