Student Achievements and Awards

Awards and Recognitions Received by Graduating Seniors Every Year

  •  Academic Achievement Award
  • Academic Excellence Award
  • Research Excellence Award

American Chemical Society (ACS) Awards for Undergraduates Majoring in Chemistry or Biochemistry

ACS awards are given to chemistry/biochemistry majors who are taking advanced chemistry courses. The chemistry faculty select outstanding students to receive awards based on performance.  ACS awards are highly competitive. This recognition  gives students something to be proud of forever. We are pleased to announce the recipients of the following awards from recent years.

  • ACS Outstanding College Student Award for Excellence in Chemical Science: Thiago Figueiredo and Hania Riaz (2023)
  • ACS Undergraduate Award in Analytical Chemistry: Lesly M. Leon Torres (2023), Louanne L. Mueller (2020)

This award is given by ACS Dvision of Analytical Chemistry to undergraduates who has excelled in the area of analytical chemistry and shows great potential as a future analytical chemist. To be eligible, undergraduates must have completed Analytical Chemistry CP3400 and Instrumental Analysis CP4800 during their third year and must be enrolled at SUNY Old Westbury as a chemistry or biochemistry major for the next academic year.

  • ACS Undergraduate Award in Biochemistry or Chemical Biology 
  • ACS Undergraduate Award in Organic Chemistry 
  • ACS Undergraduate Award in Physical Chemistry 

Presentations and Peer-Reviewed Publications

Every year students present their research at various conferences including SUNY Undergraduate Research Conference, Collegiate Science & Technology Entry Program (CSTEP) Conference, Student Research Day at Old Westbury, ACS Regional Meeting, etc. Our students have demonstrated their abilities to conduct research through presentations, conference awards and peer-reviewed publications with faculty mentors.