Chemistry Research

Research Areas

Analytical Chemistry / Photochemistry

Dr. Ruomei Gao's research focuses on light-induced chemical reactions that produce singlet oxygen and superoxide radicals. 


Dr. Youngjoo Kim's laboratory focuses on mechanistic studies of enzymes that are important therapeutic targets in various human cancers.


Dr. Michael Colaneri's research focuses on biophysics that studies paramagnetic species (transition metals, free radicals) in crystals of biological molecules.

Inorganic Chemistry

Dr. Jim Dimitrakopoulos’s research focuses on transition metal complexes with organic ligands. 

Organic Chemistry

Dr. Bright Emenike’s research investigates the origins of noncovalent interactions in solutions using model systems.

Organic Chemistry

Dr. Faisal Ibrahim’s research focuses on nanomedicine at the interface of chemistry, nanotechnology and life sciences

Organic Chemistry

Dr. Lori Zaikowski’s research interests include renewable energy, polymer chemistry, and charge transfer processes. 

Physical Chemistry

Dr. Camille Jones studies hydrate compounds bound by weak intermolecular forces, as part of their crystal structures. 

Science Education

Dr. Fernando Espinoza's research focuses on science education and environmental science involving measurements of particulate matter concentration indoors.