Camille Jones

Visiting Associate Professor
Natural Science Building
Courses Taught
  • CP2120-2130 Principles of Chemistry 1 and 2, CP2121-2131 Principles of Chemistry Lab 1 and 2
  • CP4700-4710 Physical Chemistry 1 and 2, CP4720 Physical Chemistry Lab
  • CP2000 Chemistry for Non-Majors
  • ED6092 Literacy, Research and Technology in Science
  • NRC Postdoctoral Research Associate, NIST Center for Neutron Research, National Institute of Standards and Technology, Department of Commerce, Gaithersburg, MD (2001-2)
  • Postdoctoral Scientist, Metals and Ceramics Division, Oak Ridge National Laboratory, Department of Energy, Oak Ridge, TN (1999-2001)
  • Ph.D. Physical Chemistry, University of Toledo, Toledo, OH; Dissertation: Time-of-Flight Neutron Powder Diffraction Studies of High Temperature Phase Transformations in Ga2S3 and MnGa2S4, Advisor: Professor Emeritus Jimmie G. Edwards  (1999)
  • B.S. Chemistry, Honors in Chemistry, Butler University, Indianapolis, IN (1990)
Research Interests
  • Neutron Scattering
  • Crystallography, Crystal Growth and Structure Determination,
  • Solid-State Synthesis,
  • Hydrates,
  • Undergraduate Curriculum Development, Learning in Informal Environments